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The estate

Domaine de la Chauvinière
EARL Huchet
Yves et Jérémie Huchet
Propriètaires Récoltants
44690 Chateau-Thébaud

The estate : Le Domaine de la Chauvinière

The cellars of the Domaine occupy an excellent site, on a height overlooking the valley of the Maine river. At a time in their long history, they were used as a rest house by the missionaries of the Communauté de Saint-Clément, before becoming a centre of the jansenist doctrine. This religious living included vines and a mill. The legend claims that, in 1710, Father Grignon de Montfort enjoyed returning every evening to La Chauvinière, where he appreciated the location and the quiet. Muscadet Sèvre et Maine has been matured in oak casks for many generations in the caves of this monastery.


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